South Florida Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Beautiful custom bathrooms have been cherished throughout the ages with the ability to increase the comfort, beauty and convenience of your home while providing the highest return on what you spend, second only to kitchens.

With Living Earth, you can have the bathroom of your dreams! Make it a reality, today!



Benefits of New Bathroom

Old tile and outdated leaky plumbing increase your exposure to harmful molds, unsightly stains and high water bills.  With our new line of dual flush and low flow fixtures, you can lower your water dependence, lower your water bill and lower your electric bill with reduced hot water usage.

Home renovation of mirrored bathroom with big tub and stone tile

We Can Save You Money

During a normal remodel, we will remove the complete wall surface to the wood studs.  In doing this, you will have the comfort knowing that any rotten or termite damaged wood or metal in the walls or floor will be exposed and replaced.  The biggest waste of your $$$ is to have new tile and fixtures installed over rotten or termite damaged wood, reducing the life of your bathroom.